Working for Biocodex PhaMe as a student – Introducing Pinja Puranen

2022-03-14 11:57

Pinja Puranen

Studying in two universities, specializing in industrial pharmacy, and working as a Junior Regulatory Affairs Specialist – Pinja Puranen has quite a lot on her plate. In this article, Pinja will be sharing what it is like to work for Biocodex PhaMe alongside her master’s studies.

A passion for industrial pharmacy

I have been working for Biocodex PhaMe for a bit over 6 months now and I have truly enjoyed every bit of it. Since the very beginning of my pharmacy studies, I have been determined to specialize in industrial pharmacy. Consequently, my dream has been to one day work for a pharmaceutical company. When I then saw the job advertisement for the role of Junior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, I knew I had to apply. I was so thrilled that I literally danced in the university cafeteria when I heard that I had got the job.

Constant learning

My job responsibilities here at PhaMe include mainly Regulatory Affairs (RA) activities: translation and review of product information materials, proofreading of documents, and updating of local databases. I have also been fortunate to get a glimpse of the duties of other departments, such as Medical Affairs and Compliance. For example, I have handled Medical Information Questions and prepared SmPC abbreviations. I am currently also getting training for Pharmacovigilance activities which I am very excited about. Additionally, I am part of the PhaMe marketing team where I am responsible for updating our website and LinkedIn page as well as writing articles.

Before the job at PhaMe, I had no prior experience of RA or any other field of industrial pharmacy. I had just finished my bachelor’s degree in pharmacy the previous summer and only had a few months of experience of working as a pharmacist. The training program here at PhaMe has though been great, and we are slowly expanding my responsibilities as I get more experience. In the beginning, I always had someone to guide me and double check my work, but as I learn more, I get to work more independently.

Balancing work and studies

I started my master’s studies this autumn. On top of my pharmacy studies, I am also studying Industrial Engineering and Management in Aalto University. Balancing work and studies can thus be quite challenging, and I do have a busy schedule. Fortunately, PhaMe is flexible and supportive of my studies, and I can work whenever I want as long as I stick to deadlines. When I am busy with school work, I can work fewer hours if needed, and during holidays I can work more.


  1. Versatile work. I have been able to get a thorough overview of what type of pharmaceutical and medical work is done in the industry. I have therefore also gotten a better understanding of what interests me and what type of work I would like to do after graduation.
  2. Incredible colleagues. The people working here at PhaMe are real professionals in their field. It is an honor to work alongside such experts and learn from them. Everyone has also been very welcoming and eager to help if I have any questions.
  3. Support for my studies. As I am specializing in industrial pharmacy, I am taking courses on topics which I also encounter at work. I feel that this is an ideal situation, because I can see how the things I learn at university are put to action in real life.