Pharmacovigilance Specialist

We are looking for a Pharmacovigilance Specialist to join our PhaMe-team in Espoo, Finland.

You will be part of a highly skilled international team operating in the Nordics and Baltics. You will work with our company’s internal and external stakeholders. You will act as a customer coordinator to some of our customers.

Our product portfolio includes medicines, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics.

Key responsibilities

  • Establishment and maintenance of pharmacovigilance (medicines) and vigilance (medical devices) systems
  • Case management: processing of product safety information, including electronical reprocessing
  • Using pharmacovigilance databases for registration and maintenance of data
  • Medical writing: compiling and maintaining any required pharmacovigilance documentation
  • Literature surveillance and review
  • Coordinating additional risk minimization (RMM) implementation activities
  • Acting as local safety contact or Deputy Qualified person of pharmacovigilance (QPPV)
  • Communication with clients and authorities

About you

You have a life-science or healthcare related education and relevant work experience in Pharmacovigilance. You have excellent knowledge of international and local PV-regulations. You are familiar with good pharmacovigilance practices and local requirements in Nordics. Further, you have knowledge of medical device post marketing surveillance requirements. Knowledge of safety data base systems and report generation capabilities, incl. EVWEB, electronic database of the European Medicines Agency would be helpful.

You have a customer focused mindset and a dynamic attitude, and you are committed to continuously develop your competence. You are not afraid of changing situations or working independently. Your quality-orientated and problem-solving mindset is profound, and your approach to work is proactive and cooperative. You demonstrate effective structuring and organizing skills. Your Microsoft Office -skills are good and you express yourself well in Finnish and English.


Please send your application with salary expectation by Monday 21st of June 2020 to

We will handle your application immediately upon receiving it, and we will hire as soon as possible; be fast!


About the company

Biocodex is a global Pharmaceutical company that operates in more than 120 countries. The ambition of the company is to lead the way in the microbiota realm. Biocodex Microbiota Institute produces high quality information on microbiota to our stakeholders worldwide. Biocodex is also supporting microbiota research initiatives globally and locally. Our leading probiotic brands are Precosa and Symbiosys. Beside its probiotic drug roots Biocodex has portfolios in numerous other therapeutic areas. Biocodex global turnover is over EUR 300 million.

Biocodex Nordics group operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Since the 1960s, the company has a strong track record in Hospital, Primary care, and Consumer products.

The Biocodex Nordics PhaMe team provides a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical and medical services to more than 120 companies in the Nordics. There are over 20 specialists in our team working mainly in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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Open Application

At Biocodex PhaMe, we value our employees and recognize that they are our greatest asset. We are constantly seeking for skilled individuals to join our proficient PhaMe team. Are you an accomplished professional or a talented future star who shares the passion to develop expert services to the needs of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry?

If you think you might be the person we’re looking for, go ahead and introduce yourself. We´d love to hear from you! Share your story and tell us what drives you.

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