Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies

Medical affairs focus on communicating science to various customers and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry. In the ever-evolving world of science, the need for complex information to be communicated in a clear and knowledgeable manner is extremely important. Therefore, it requires specific expertise and skills to be able to communicate science between different stakeholders.

Biocodex Phame’s medical affairs team consists of professionals, with a strong scientific background.


Medical Affairs services by Biocodex Phame

We provide a wide range of medical affairs to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. All services are available both in English and Finnish. See our extensive offering below.

Medical writing services

  • Pre-clinical and clinical evaluation reports and other technical documentation for medical devices
  • Scientific publications
  • Conference abstracts and posters
  • Research summaries and press releases
  • Preparation and review:
    • Scientific presentations
    • Medical content for marketing and non-marketing materials such as websites, patient guides and advertisements
    • Health promotion and educational material
  • Clinical support for price and reimbursement applications

Scientific engagement with experts

  • Organizing scientific forums, such as advisory boards, scientific committees, conferences, or webinars on selected topics

Product-related services

  • Medical information
  • Following of the latest scientific publications in specific therapeutic areas
  • Supportive scientific documentation for regulatory affairs and hospital tender procedures
  • Medical training and education for sales personal and healthcare professionals


In co-operation with other PhaMe teams

Our Medical Affairs Team works closely with our other PhaMe experts to provide medical translation, regulatory affairs, market access and pharmacovigilance services to our customers – these services help our customers achieve their goals in a highly collaborative manner.

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