Why is compliance regarding your marketing materials and activities so important?

2021-01-21 9:36

Marketing compliance

We are involved in a highly regulated industry. In addition, regulations in the pharma and medical device industry are continually changing. At the same time, a wide range of information is readily available on several different channels. Now, more than ever, it is important for pharmaceutical companies to prioritize marketing related compliance.

All activities of pharma companies might involve issues related to compliance. This covers all measures taken by the pharmaceutical companies in the marketing of their medicines, distribution of information or in similar activities. It also covers the interaction of the pharmaceutical companies with healthcare professionals and patient organisations in relation to pharmaceutical research and other issues. The scope of application also includes the dissemination of health awareness information and other information related to health or diseases.

Building a brand takes decades, but it can be destroyed in one day. Due to the digital media, information is transmitted even faster and in more complex manner. For this reason, the trust of consumers and healthcare professionals is enhanced by comprehensive compliance with laws and regulations in all marketing and sales activities. When all employees of a company are familiar with the basic compliance requirements, we can ensure that “one voice” is used in all communication.


Biocodex PhaMe can support your company with product marketing compliance practices

At PhaMe, compliance reviews are carried out by qualified Experts. We operate in all Nordic and Baltic countries. Compliance review of marketing materials and marketing events or activities with medical content is carried out to ensure that all materials and activities comply with local and EFPIA codes. We have experience in a variety of product categories, such as medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetic preparations.


Examples of key compliance review activities:

  • Materials
  • Events
  • Dissemination of off-label information
  • Provision of consulting services
  • Contractual payments/arrangements
  • Clinical/research study and educational grants
  • Medical education programs
  • Professional service agreements with physicians
  • Sampling and free goods
  • Market research studies
  • New industry marketing codes


Our marketing-related compliance services include:

  • Acting as your company’s compliance specialist
  • Review of marketing materials and marketing events or activities with medical content to ensure compliance with local and EFPIA codes
  • Training of sales and marketing personnel about marketing compliance rules
    • f2f or e-learning tool
  • Creating and updating compliance processes
  • Audits of compliance processes / GAP analysis


Need help with compliance regarding your marketing materials and marketing activities?

If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me and my team. We are more than happy to help you in your mission.

– Susanna Heinonen, Head of Pharmacovigilance

About the author

Susanna Heinonen works as the Head of Pharmacovigilance for Biocodex PhaMe. Over 10 years of working with various local and global pharmaceutical companies has given her expertise and insight into different subject matter areas and pharmaceutical industry in general. Susanna’s focus areas include pharmacovigilance (PV), Good Distribution Practices (GDP) of medicinal products, and marketing compliance (PIF and EFPIA Code of Ethics for pharmaceutical marketing).