Introducing Veera Leino, our new expert in compliance

2021-06-15 14:09

Compliance Specialist Veera LeinoMaster of Science in Toxicology, expert in compliance, baker of killer sour dough bread — our new team member Veera Leino is a versatile doer. Her passion for marketing and consumer safety in the pharmaceutical world has guided her educational path and eventually led her to work as Compliance and Pharmacovigilance Specialist at Biocodex PhaMe.


Motivation from an aspiration to help other people

As a compliance specialist her job description includes making sure that our customers’ marketing activities and non-promotional materials are following the latest local and EU regulations as well as corporate guidelines. In addition to that, she performs different tasks regarding Pharmacovigilance. These tasks include processing and reporting product related safety information in a timely manner to clients and applicable Health Authorities.

“The thought of someone understanding the product better and being able to get more effective treatment through my actions as a compliance specialist highly motivates me in by work. Since I have studied how the lack of information regarding the pharmaceutical industry and purpose of medications can harm people’s health, I really want to do my best ensuring that the people are getting just the right kind of information they need.“


Interest in human health

Veera has a strong educational background. At first, she studied at the University of Eastern Finland, earning a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

“I have always been interested in human health and wanted to be able to help people through my work. That is why I pursued a career in pharmacy”, she explains her decision for studying the subject.

However, after working in both community and hospital pharmacies, Veera felt the urge to advance her knowledge and career further. She then continued to study in the Master’s Degree Programme of General Toxicology. By doing so, she was able to deepen her scientific expertise and widen her knowledge from medicines to other chemicals as well.


Fresh perspective on toxicology

Her interests in marketing and consumer safety played a key role when writing her thesis.

“I conducted my master’s thesis and published a scientific article about the toxicity of colloidal silver products and their marketing claims. I wanted to study something that could affect the lives of the common people, and possibly help ensure their safety. In these projects I was able to combine my interests of marketing and consumer safety to the scientific side of pharmacology and toxicology.”

Her research approached toxicology from an unusual and fresh perspective.

“I am glad I was able to do something different, and possibly highlight the new sides of toxicology and how they can be utilized in the working life.”


Career choice driven by passion to marketing and consumer safety

Veera’s interest in marketing of medicinal products and product safety led her to research career opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry. She came across to Biocodex PhaMe website and the rest is history.

“The company immediately felt right for me. The variety of different job descriptions and possible career paths felt intriguing. When I contacted Biocodex, luckily a position had just opened which matched my expertise and interests.”


Part of the PhaMe team right from the beginning

In her opinion, the beginning at the company has been successful and she has blended in with the group smoothly. Also, she highlights how she has gotten all the help needed.

“The PhaMe team has been amazing! I was welcomed with open arms and never have I felt like I was just the ‘new employee’. In the future I aim to give the same experience to other new employees, since everyone should have a chance to feel this welcome.”


Welcome to the team Veera, we are glad to have you onboard!

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