Meet Tatjana Kalagina: The Multitalented PhaMe Specialist with a passion for learning and exploring

2023-04-26 12:48

Tatjana Kalagina is genuinely a multitalented person. She is working as a regulatory, price & reimbursement, pharmacovigilance, compliance, and QA specialist in Biocodex Pharmaceutical and Medical Services (PhaMe) in Latvia. She shared with us her journey, her experiences working in multiple different areas in Biocodex, and her interests outside of work.



DNA expert, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Local Drug Safety Officer, and much more

Tatjana tells that she has graduated from medical school and was qualified as a feldsher-laboratory assistant. She started her career at a traumatology hospital in the laboratory and eventually went on to earn her Master’s degree in molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry from the Latvian University. Tatjana worked in protein and DNA engineering for three years before moving on to become a DNA expert at the Latvian State Police Biological Department. She joined Biocodex in 2005 as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist and has since taken on multiple roles within the company, including Pharmacovigilance, Market Access, Compliance, and QA.

When asked about her typical workday, Tatjana explains that she starts her day by assessing her tasks and creating a prioritized to-do list. Even though Tatjana is working in Riga, there is a lot of collaboration with PhaMe colleagues, especially in the Baltics.

“Usually, my workday is quite busy. In the morning, I assess tasks and make a list of the most urgent tasks to be able to prioritize and not miss deadlines for the completion of the tasks. During the day we can have a few meetings in Teams with PhaMe colleagues and clients where we plan and discuss the most important topics to be done.”

Tatjana doesn’t feel that working in multiple fields is demanding. “This is exactly what I like in my job very much!”, she tells. Tatjana finds her job interesting because she gets to work on several tasks throughout the day, which keeps things exciting and engaging. “It doesn’t make the daily work never boring”, she continues.

Something new at work and outside the office

This Regulatory Affairs Specialist isn’t resting on her laurels even in her free time. Tatjana likes traveling and is interested in other cultures. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, hiking in the mountains, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets. Tatjana values learning and enjoys studying, which makes her job at Biocodex even more fulfilling. She shared that she likes working at Biocodex because her position enables her to learn something new every day. “The constantly changing legislation keeps my job interesting”, Tatjana explains.

Colleagues tell Tatjana is always ready to learn new things and willing to share her knowledge. “Tatjana is a friendly and knowledgeable colleague who knows regulations and takes an independent and proactive approach to her clients’ tasks,” a co-worker adds.  “Truly a lovely person.” This comment from a PhaMe team member summarizes Tatjana.

We are pleased to have this kind of colleague at Biocodex PhaMe!