Remote audits – sustainable and efficient way of conducting audits

2023-03-23 15:48

Remote audits have become an established practice since the pandemic made us all consider new ways of working. Our auditors have developed an efficient process for performing audits remotely and they can be conducted as successfully as on-site audits, as Biocodex Phame GxP specialists tell in previous Biocodex Phame article.

Save money and environment

Remote audits combine Company Social Responsibility (CSR) to GxP compliance. Remote audits have proven to be an effective tool for follow-up audits with established partners. However, did you know, that it is also possible to evaluate new partners’, such as contract manufacturers’ GMP compliance remotely? By doing the first audit remotely, you can save both costs and environment, but also get an overview of the competence of a candidate before a due diligence audit.

Different types of audits all around the world

Our remote audits consist of:

  • pre-audit questionnaire for the subject area, if requested
  • preparation of agenda and pre-material requests
  • video conference interviews and document review
  • audit report
  • CAPA follow-up, if requested.


In 2022 Biocodex Pharmaceutical and Medical Services PhaMe audit team conducted all around the world over 40 audits  on behalf of our clients, of which majority remotely. We have long lasting relationships with our clients, and some have used our audit services already over 10 years.

We perform:

  • pharmacovigilance audits
  • GMP audits for medicinal products (sterile, non-sterile, packaging materials)
  • GDP audits
  • authority (FDA, EU) inspection-readiness audits
  • audits based on ISO 13485 QMS, ISO 22000 / HACCP audits, and more.

Interested in remote audits?

Please contact us for more information, our experienced auditors are here for you!