PhaMe Stars! RA Team Lead Anni Svala

2019-05-16 7:29

The pharmaceutical industry is facing several changes that will challenge the skills of us experts. The Medicines Verification System was introduced in February, and Brexit, the separation of Great Britain from the European Union, will give us a lot to mull over with regard to supply security and availability of medicines.

These and several other pharma-related assignments are among the tasks that fill the working days of PhaMe experts. Personally, I have recently been in the role of a bystander as I am currently on parental leave. Thanks to the flexible approach of PhaMe, I have been able to work from home at times, in addition to my role as a mother.

I have been working in the PhaMe unit of Biocodex as a regulatory team leader for over five years now. I am surrounded by an enthusiastic, competent and customer-oriented team, and together we are happy to help and support pharmaceutical operators in a variety of regulatory questions.

I have a master’s degree in pharmacy, and throughout my entire career in pharmaceutical field I have been primarily working in different posts in quality and regulatory affairs. Diversity, multiplicity and the chance to meet different people are the best features of my work. The absolute highlight of my work are the moments when I am able to help a customer and am thanked for it.

In addition to my daily work at PhaMe, I am actively involved in pharmacy matters also in my own time. For instance, I am a board member of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG) and in that position act as a messenger of the know-how that Finnish industrial pharmacists possess. In my experience, this gives me a lot of new thoughts and ideas to my daily work at PhaMe, thus also benefiting my team and our customers.

Wishing you a warm and sunny summer and relaxing holiday season!