The results of our Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020 exceeded all our expectations

2021-05-04 10:36

Biocodex PhaMe (Pharmaceutical and Medical Services) conducts a customer satisfaction survey each year in order to maintain the best possible service for our customers. We sent one survey for the customers in Finland and another one for the customers abroad. We are more than thrilled to announce that we have received impressive results from both surveys.


High success ratings obtained with the help of reliable relationships


Praises on the skills and knowledge of our professionals

According to the customer satisfaction survey, the cornerstones of this successful cooperation have been clear and effective communication between stakeholders and true expertise of our professionals. Customers were able to reach key persons in time, and especially appreciated the flexibility of our services and professionals.


Special thanks to our customers!

We value genuine and transparent relations and want to sincerely thank you for answering the questionnaire. These results provide us the possibility to better our operations even further.

You have expressed great trust in us in the customer satisfaction survey. We will continue to work diligently to maintain your confidence.


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